H e x a i d

Who we are

Hexaid was born from a very dedicated software development professionals. Each of us has a strong knowledge of the daily problems that occur in a small and medium sized business. We've been there before.

Our target market are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Those companies where day to day little successes really matters, and where innovation really happens. You surely know what we are talking about. You've been there too.

Since we are in Buenos Aires, Argentina we have a rich offer of highly skilled computer science professionals, native Spanish speakers and fluent in English. We service our clients at a lower fraction of the cost than that of US or European IT consulting services, but without the cultural or time differences than Indian and Chinese ones.

Why choose us

Consider these facts:
  • Our highly skilled professionals will meet your software development needs the way you want: focusing on the business value it can generate for you.
  • We can deliver at a fraction of the cost than other consultancy or offshore development companies.
  • We do not promote any technology partnerships, so rest assured we will find the right solution for your problem.
  • We share the same occidental culture and a comfortable time zone to work with (GMT -3).
  • We consider ourselves an SMB too, so we know better than anyone the way you work.

Am I in the right place?

Many offshore IT consulting companies have plenty of certifications and competencies. You may not fully agree with them. You know them, and already know the kind of software they deliver:

  • They tell you that they are expert in your business domain, but they assign you novice boys as consultants.
  • They have plenty of partnerships with lots of vendors, but they sell you ill-architected solutions.
  • They have professional IT employees, but their over-designed software require you to invest in a super server farm infrastructure to run properly.
  • They are certified with some respected quality standard, but you wanted a fridge and they deliver you a perfectly running microwave oven.
  • You wanted your internal IT division get involved in the development process, but they speak in terms of documents and contracts.

If you had gone through some of those situations, you are here in the right place for a new and fresh start.

How do we work

We do the work with small teams. The team will solve all your technological problems: the business case, functional analysis, architecture, design, programming, testing, network operations and monitoring. Most of the time, our skilled professionals will take several roles in the software development process. We do not work following a "software factory" style of development; our experience teached us that those processes are not much followed on small IT departments such as of yours. And because they are small teams and they comunicate very well, every person in the team knows what the other is doing and knows about your business. Compare this to large IT offshore companies, where most of the time programmers sitting in front of each other doesn't know how their work will fit into the system.

We will help you discover what you need. This may sound somewhat pretencious, but we found that most of the time people come with some sort of predefined ideas in mind but we help them refine them (and sometimes re-define them) in the initial stages of the project.

The most important virtue of a new investment is which is be the business value that is representing. Is it to reduce operational, day to day costs? Is it for penetrating new markets? Is it for better positioning your company against the competition? How much time will it take to return your investment? We are here to find a technological solution to your business problem.

We believe in the quality of our work. Our professionals are passionate for making things work (not just passionate for technology) and will make every effort possible to deliver quality software to your company. Our lean work philosophy of small teams make us agile and deliver first class quality software. Compare this to large IT offshore companies, where people working on a project comunicate only by email.

Our methodologies

  • Help you discover what you need.
  • Business value.
  • Quality of work.
  • Ongoing maintenance of your projects.
  • Choosing the right set of technologies.

Agility and Quality

There are many ways of developing a software based solution. Here at Hexaid we embrace Agile Software Development methodologies, since you need to get down to business fast. There is no real value on software that you can't use and test from the beginning.