H e x a i d

Software development services

You are a unique business with unique IT needs. Our skilled development team at Hexaid will work to understand your business requirements so that we can improve your operational efficiency and deliver solutions that can not be met by off-the-shelf software packages.

Hexaid approaches custom application development from an "architecture and design first" model. By using a clear set of system designs and documentation Hexaid can provide you a solution that either you can implement or our development team can implement for you. Hexaid includes security in its architecture and assures that all known security issues are discussed and understood before development is implemented

If you have a need for easy to use application to manage your operations, Hexaid can build it to your operational specifications, rather than you having to adjust your operations to an off-the-shelf application that may or may not do what you need. You will find that compared to many enterprise applications and offshore development IT companies, our system development is surprisingly affordable.

Hexaid's expertice cover a wide range of technologies:

  • Java SE / EE.
  • .NET.
  • LAMP.
  • C/C++ on multiple platforms.
  • RADs (Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBuilder, etc.)
  • Legacy COBOL integrations and migrations.

From modern JEE and .NET to PHP, COBOL, C and C++.